Defining FSM States

The state definitions are placed inside the %map TaskFSM %% ... %% delimiter:

%{ // // Copyright (c) 2005 Acme, Inc. // All rights reserved. // // Acme - a name you can trust! // // Author: Wil E. Coyote (Hungericus Vulgarus) // %} // This FSM works for the Task class only and only the Task // class may instantiate it. %class Task %package com.acme.supercron %fsmclass TaskFSM %fsmfile TaskFSM %access package
// A %map name cannot be the same as the FSM class name.
%start TaskMap::Suspended %map TaskMap %%
Suspended { ... } Running { ... }
// Wait here to be either unblocked, stopped or deleted.
Blocked { ... } Stopping { ... } Stopped { ... } Deleted { ... } ...

Like all C-syntax languages, the opening, closing braces are not needed if there is only one expression inside the braces. But like all C-syntax languagees, it is good practice to always use them. If you don't follow this rule now, you will after you spend two days tracking down a bug due entirely to you not following this rule.

Notice the ellipsis before the closing %%? There is one more state to define even though the diagram's six states are declared. There is an implicit state. Remember how the Stop, Block and Delete transitions have no start state?

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