SMC Gallery

SMC now generates Graphviz DOT files with the -graph command line option. The images below were generated from the SMC examples. -glevel refers to amount of detail placed into the DOT file: 0 is the least detail and 2 is the greatest.

For more information on using the -graph and -glevel options see SMC Programmer's Manual Section 10: Get the Picture.

examples/Java/EX1/ (-glevel 0)
examples/Java/EX2/ (-glevel 1)
examples/Java/EX3/ (-glevel 0)
EX4 Vehicle
examples/Java/EX4/ (-glevel 1)
EX4 Vehicle
examples/Java/EX4/ (-glevel 1)
EX5 Task
examples/Java/EX5/ (-glevel 2)
EX5 TaskManager
examples/Java/EX5/ (-glevel 2)
examples/Java/EX6/ (-glevel 2) (before)
examples/Java/EX7/ (-glevel 1, unmodified) (after)
examples/Java/EX7/ (-glevel 1, modified)
green: Start states, push transitions
red: pop transitions
gold: Default states, default transitions