SMC Telephone Demo

(Note: Your Web browser must have Java enabled in order to see this SMC demo. Also make sure that you have your computer's sound turned on otherwise you will miss the demo's point.)

Instructions on how to use a telephone:

  1. Pick up the receiver.
  2. Dial the desired telephone number. Try some of the following telephone numbers:
    • 555-1212
    • 555-9263
    • 1-212-555-1234
    • 879-6877
    • 1-802-521-6448
    • Dial a "#" or a "*"
    • 911
  3. When you have completed the call, put the receiver down. If you don't put down the receiver after the call has finished, a "receiver left off hook" alarm will sound.

Finite State Machine Log

As you make your telephone calls, watch the FSM log. This text area displays the FSM's current state, transitions and what actions are executing (both transition actions and a state Entry/Exit actions). This FSM log shows how the telephone is reacting to your inputs. You can learn how SMC-generated FSMs work by stepping through the logging messages as you look at the telephone FSMs: CallMap and PhoneNumber. (The source code is .)